About me

I have been working in the events industry for 11 years mainly focussing on lighting and video. I currently work for Brompton Technology which is the industry leader in LED panel control for live events and virtual production. 
A lot of organizations are looking at virtual production not only to stream events online but to create new production techniques for Film, TV, and sports using LED panel technology. Given the previous experience I have and what I am learning I feel it puts me in a strong position moving forward.

I mainly use Adobe CC, (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere& InDesign) as well as Cinema 4D, and Final Cut X. 

I have used this to produce a multitude of content which has now developed into an entire online training system using OBS & soon in person when it allows. This can be operated locally or remotely broadening our reach to every continent in the world, apart from Antarctica as it’s a bit cold. Rather than it only being available to those visiting the office. The system is also used for sales demonstrations that has lead to an increase in business.

From training people in how it all works and what can be accomplished I have become quite an expert in the field with exposure from very simple productions with a small LED wall through to multiple camera LED Volumes used in blockbuster films and TV shows. This has improved my public speaking and presenting skills both online and in person.  From learning how it all works I have found it fascinating with the only limit when using this technology being your imagination.
I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 6 years ago and while it does not affect my work I would rather be open about it from the start.

If you read my blog you will see that I am managing the condition just fine having done triathlons and tough mudders since my diagnosis.

  This site contains a selection of my design work from content, training videos I created and presented and some of my animations and event/exhibition design work.
Finally, I’m going to be using the blog to talk about triathlon, events and offer advice about MS, and hopefully, educate those that don’t know about it. From the things I have grasped about it and how I manage the condition in my day-to-day life I have learned a lot.
If what I discuss helps just one person then to me that’s a success. 

I hope you enjoy it and it makes something that can sound daunting and scary into something you will feel is actually sometimes a superpower.